AP European History

Tuesday, January 16th

TARGET:  To explore the impact of the Industrial Revolution and why it emerged first in Britain

Today we discussed the English Industrial Revolution including why it occured in Britain and the natural/human elements that made that development possible.  You can download the guided notes here:  Industrial Revolution GN  using the presentation here:  The Industrial Revolution

For homework, please watch the video below and fill out the graphic organizer at the bottom of your Agricultural Revolution notes from Friday.  Discuss John Green’s reasoning and whether or not his arguments are valid.

Friday, January 12

TARGET:  To examine the SET impact of the Agricultural Revolution

Today we looked at how the Agricultural Revolution SET the scene for the Industrial Revolution.  (Haha!)  Be sure to download the notes here:  Agricultural Revolution GN  using the presentation found here: 4.2_-_british_agricultural_revolution Also make sure you view the video below and read Primary Source 17.1 in your textbook (pg 545) and answer the two questions that follow the reading on the backside of your notes.

Wednesday, January 10th

TARGET:  To examine Napoleon’s rise to power and eventual decline

With the TOC you wrote a check in quiz on your Napoleon reading (if you were absent you need to come write it during ELO next week).  Then you did the following exercise on whether or not Napoleon was a reformer or dictator (please complete this if you were absent):  Napoleon Reformer or Dictator

For homework, pre read on the Industrial Revolution in your textbook pg: 650-654 (up to the Steam Engine Breakthrough)

Monday, January 8th

TARGET:  To examine Napoleon’s rise to power and eventual decline

Today we watched an informative documentary on Napoleon’s rise to power and his decline.  Be sure to view it below if you were not here.  You do not need to write notes or answer questions – just take it in.

HOMEWORK:  Please read your textbook pg 634-640.  No questions, but there will be a check in quizzy poo on the reading in class on WEDNESDAY.

Thursday, December 21st

TARGET:  To explore the middle and final stages of the French Revolution (Radical and Directory Phase)

Today we looked at how the liberalist ideals of the French Revolution soon became more and more radicalized as the French Revolution ‘ate its own’.  Be sure to  download the powerpoint here: French Revolution Part II and the notes here:  Radicalization of the FR Part II GN  Helpful videos are also below including that Lady Gaga one (you know you loved it!)

Also – for homework over the break you need to complete the Baroque Art Assignment which you can download here:  Baroque Art Analysis  I’ve included some support videos to help you with the project below.

Have a very very Merry Christmas!

christmas truce

French Revolution Videos:

Baroque Art Videos:

Tuesday, December 19th

TARGET:  To explore the first stages of the French Revolution (Liberal Phase)

Today we looked at the first stages of the French Revolution – mostly examining the causes and the events of the summer of 1789.  You can download the powerpoint here:  The French Revolution Part Iand the guided notes here:  The French Revolution GN 1

You have no homework – but be sure to check out the videos below – some great overview!

Friday, December 15th

TARGET:  To demonstrate knowledge of Absolutist Regimes and the Age of Reason

Many people were away today during the test.  If you were not here you have the choice to finish the test during Block C on Monday OR during ELO on Tuesday.  These are the ONLY times that I will offer the test.  Make arrangements to be able to write during one of these times.

You have no homework, but many people who were not here need to hand in their Enlightenment Salon write up and their Enlightened Absolutist questions.

Join Remind for AP Euro: https://www.remind.com/join/msondi

Wednesday, December 13th

TARGET:  To review Absolutist Regimes and the Age of Reason

Hello folks!  Apologies I am not with you today but please use your spare to study up, complete your Enlightenment Salon reflection, your Enlightened Absolutism questions/secondary source questions and study for your Unit Test on Friday (see below for the study sheet).

A couple of hints for the test on Friday.  Part G is two paragraph responses.  You can view your prompts below (alongside the rubric I will use)



Monday, December 11th

TARGET:  To examine the impact of Enlightenment thinkers/philosophes

Merci beaucoup to all those Enlightened thinkers who joined us in the salon.  A good time was had by all!  Please see the pictures below.

Please hand in your Enlightened Salon Meeting assignment on FRIDAY.  It should include a reflection of the activity including attendees who you liked and why and those you disliked and why (characters).  You also have some homework focusing on Enlightened Absolutist rulers: Enlightened Absolutism Textbook Questions and this secondary source with questions:  enlightened_monarchs_secondary_source Also please check out the video below for more information on Enlightened Absolutists (some of whom you met in the salon today)

A reminder that your Age of Absolutism & Reason test is on FRIDAY.  You can download the study guide here:  Absolutism & Age of Reason Study Sheet

Tuesday, December 5th

TARGET:  To examine the impact of Enlightenment thinkers/philosophes

Today we discussed briefly how the Enlightenment was so influential in setting the stage for future change in Europe (revolutions etc).  Please be sure to check out the videos below which will contextualize this idea.

Then we talked about our new role-play project – the Enlightenment Salon:  Enlightened Salon Meeting

You will have Thursday’s class to research your character and prepare for the Enlightenment Salon which will be on MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th.  Don’t forget to bring your treats for this day – a good Enlightenment Salon should have food.  I’ll provide coffee and hot chocolate.  Please see the list below for sign up.  If you were not here – do some research as to who you would like to investigate (google: Enlightenment thinkers) and we will discuss.  You can email me your choice.


Friday, December 1st

TARGET:  To examine the impact of the Scientific Revolution

Access the Scientific Webquest

Please make a copy in Google Docs and then send to me with your name in the title to:  ondia.gillette@learn34.com OR ondia.gillette@abbyschools.ca

Remember that your Poor DBQ is due on Thursday, December 7th.  Get started now and don’t forget to be referencing your rubric.

Wednesday, November 29th

TARGET:  To explore English and Dutch constitutionalism as a response to absolutism

Today we began by discussing out thesis and groupings from the poor DBQ from Monday.  We discussed different ways of structuring the argument.  Put this on the back burner – but you will need a strong thesis and groupings ready to go on Friday.

Today we looked at the Stuarts and the English Civil War which lead to the Glorious Revolution and the establishment of a Constitutional Monarchy in England (which still exists to this day).  If you were not here, please download the presentation: English Constitutionalism  the notes:  Stuart Civil War GN

FOR HOMEWORK:  We don’t have enough time in class to cover the Dutch Republic.  Please read pg 489-497 of the textbook “Alternatives to Absolutism in England and the Dutch Republic” and read through these DBQ documents:  dutch_republic_dbq and then complete this worksheet:  dutch_republic_dbq_assignment where you are sorting and annotating the documents.  I will be taking these in for marks and they are due on FRIDAY.

Monday, November 27th

TARGET:  To begin the process of writing DBQs

Today we went over the 2017 DBQ (Document Based Question) rubric.  You can download it here:  NEW ap_euro_dbq_rubric_2017  We watched Tom Richey’s videos on how to gain 5 of the 7 points using the documents and focusing on historical evidence and complex understanding.  We had already looked at contextualization and thesis.

Then you received your DBQ.  This will be a SUMMATIVE assessment.  You can download the DBQ here: 2004 Attitudes Toward the Poor NEW FORMAT (1) for homework – please sum up the purpose and ACORNPEG (or historical situation, audience etc) for each document and group the documents together into 2-3s to create a THREESIS.  This will be due on WEDNESDAY.  Remember to check out the videos below for further clarification etc.

Friday, November 17th

TARGET:  To examine absolutism in Eastern Europe:  Austria, Prussia and Russia

You had a TOC today and worked through (at your own pace) a self-study lesson on absolutism in Austria, Prussia and Russia.  You can download the guided notes here: Absolutism in Eastern Europe GN and the powerpoint here:  Absolutism in Eastern Europe It is also available in a PDF in case the ppt is unreadable on Chromebooks:  Absolutism in Eastern Europe Please fill out the notes with as much detail as possible and then watch the video below.

For homework (and also to work on in class), please read the following textbook chapter: Absolutist Rulers Chapter Web Overview – then you need to write a well formed paragraph (remember your rubric – see below) to the following prompt:  This will be due the next time I see you – MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27th.

Was having an absolutist monarch helpful or hurtful to society?  In your response you must reference THREE absolutist monarchs (giving evidence/examples) and reference either Hobbes or Locke.

Thursday, November 16th

TARGET:  To practice Point of View (POV)/ACORNPEG and explore the political theories of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

Today we began with a quizzy poo as review.  We then began examining the lens through which to analyze Point of View (POV) ACORNPEG:

Audience                                             Political Affiliation

Class                                                      Education

Occupation                                         Gender



If you were not here, please download the assignment/notes sheet here:  POV Practice with ACORNPEGS – we did the first practice exercise in class.  Please complete exercise II (POV statements) at home -due tomorrow.

Then we explored the political theorum of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke; comparing and contrasting their beliefs.  You need to download the presentation here:  Hobbes vs Locke – and the guided notes/assignment here:  Hobbes and Locke Primary Documents  Please read the excerpt from “Leviathan” and “Two Treatises on Government” for homework and answer the questions.  Due tomorrow (both readings are in the guided notes).  Check out the excellent summary clips of Hobbes and Locke below.  These are a MUST if you were absent today.

Wednesday, November 15th

TARGET:  To explore the economic theorum of mercantilism

Be sure to take notes:  Mercantilism GN from this presentation: Mercantilism

Friday, November 10th

TARGET:  To explore the exemplar of Peter the Great as an absolutist ruler – was he really that great?

Today we studied the life/accomplishments of Peter the Great.  Your task is to decide whether or not Peter the Great actually lived up to his name.  We watched a documentary (see below), read the textbook and examined these primary sources:  Peter the Great Documents

Be sure to download the assignment sheet here (due Wednesday):  Peter the Great Thesis Prompt

As a reminder – please join the remind app (see above)  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 8th

TARGET:  To explore the exemplar of Louis XIV as an absolutist ruler

Today we looked at Louis “I-Am-The-State” XIV.  Be sure to fill out the notes here:  Louis XIV GN using the presentation here:  Louis XIV

Remember to complete the FOUR questions at the bottom of the guided notes for FRIDAY’s class.


Monday, November 6th

TARGET:  To explore the concept of absolutism vs constitutionalism 

Today we looked at what traditionally kept monarchs in check and how absolutist rulers were able to limit the power of those checks.  Please make sure you have a copy of the notes:  Foundations of Absolutism GN and the presentation:  Foundations of Absolutism

We then worked on identifying different absolutist rulers of the 17th century and examined how they kept power in check.

For homework – please read the following document on the Divine Right of Kings and answer the four questions that follow:  Divine Right of Kings PS Reading

Please prepare and study for your Reformation & Religious Wars Quest which will be tomorrow in ELO.

Thursday, November 2nd

TARGET:  To examine the changing face of Europe with the Peace of Westphalia

Today you had a TOC.  You examined the end of the 30 Years War with the Treaty of Westphalia.  Your TOC showed you the video below, and you completed a map activity which you can download here:  westphalia map_activity_1648_to_1715

I’ll speak more to the Reformation & Religious Wars Quest on Monday but I have signed you all up for ELO to complete the Quest on Tuesday November 7th.  Your TOC gave you the study sheet which you can also download here:  Study Guide Reformation & Religious Wars  No homework except for reviewing key ideas, people and events of the Reformation/Religious Wars.

Tuesday, October 31st

TARGET:  To explore alliances, persecution and political gain during the witch trials

Today we had a Witch Hunt.  Congrats to the Outsider Group who banded together to win the most points!  Well done 🙂

RIP Mayor Hale, Ann the Peasant Farmer and Nameless Joe the Laborer

You need to hand in your witchcraft reading and questions from Friday on THURSDAY.

Also – you will be having a Reformation & Religious Wars QUEST on TUESDAY, NOV 7th during ELO.  I will be signing you up.


Friday, October 25th

TARGET:  To evaluate whether the Wars of Religion were actually fought over religion

So, so, SO proud of all of you.  Despite the fire alarm, what an excellent class!  You made some truly excellent points and were well prepared.  I want more Socratic Seminars!  You will hand in your observation and research on Tuesday if you did not have a chance today.  Check out some of the best shots from today’s class below!

For Tuesday’s class we are having a witch hunt!  Everyone could be a witch….. You received a ‘role’ to play in class on Tuesday and were assigned a group.  Please do not talk to others about your role or group – this is important to the role play.  Remember that as prep work, you need to complete this sheet Witch Trial Questions & Malleus Malforum(the video you need to access is below).



























Wednesday, October 25th

TARGET:  To evaluate whether the Wars of Religion were actually fought over religion

Today I did an introduction to the political and religious climate of Europe which lead to the Religious Wars.  You can download the introduction here:  Intro to Wars of Religion

I then introduced our assignment for Friday where you are participating in a Fishbowl Socratic Seminar:  Religious Wars Socratic Seminar.  For this, you were put in a triad and each member of the triad needed to research and represent ONE Of the following three conflicts:  French Wars of Religion, Dutch Revolt and 30 Years War.  You can view your triad group below.

Extra Resources for each war:

FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION:  Your textbook, French Wars of Religion Reading

DUTCH REVOLT:  Your textbook, Dutch Revolt Reading


30 YEARS WAR:  Your textbook, Thirty Years War Reading

Group 1 Josh H:  Dutch Revolt


Madi C.


Group 2 Aidan



Group 3 Charlie

Maddie N.


Group 4 Kieran



Group 5 Amber



Group 6 Natalya



Group 7 Liam


Sophie S

Group 8 Ella

Sophie C.


Group 9 Katie



Group 10 Josh R.



Monday, October 23rd

TARGET:  To explore the Counter (Catholic) Reformation and examine the DBQ (thesis and contextualization)

Today we continued on with our theses from Wednesday.  We looked at the rule of THREEsis and how you should aim to have three previews of what you will cover in your three body paragraphs.  We then discussed the DBQ point for Contextualization (see Tom Richey’s explanation below).  For homework, please write an intro paragraph for your DBQ that includes CONTEXTUALIZATION and THESIS.

We then discussed the Catholic response in the Counter-Reformation.  Remember to write your thesis statement for homework:  Catholic Reformation Thesis Exercise (1) You can download the guided notes here:  Counter Reformation GN and the slideshow here:  The Counter-Reformation

Wednesday, October 18th

TARGET:  To explore the various beliefs of Protestantism and examine the DBQ

Today we did a bit of review from Monday’s class and we worked on our theses.  Remember – if you rewrite your thesis (see exercise below) I will give you feedback.

We then worked on discovering what the DBQ (Document Based Question) is and how it works on the AP Exam.  We went as far as an overview and delved into how to write a good thesis.  We worked through Tom Richey’s rubric and I showed you a video where he described how the DBQ is assessed.  You can access the video below (stop at the 5:12 min mark).

You chose a DBQ based on the subject of “Religious Toleration” Reformation DBQor “Gender Politics”  2011 NEW FORMAT Euro DBQ – Elizabeth I – depending on what you chose you need to read all of the documents for Monday and write a coherent and complete sentence that answers the DBQ prompt.  If you want to change your topic – you can download the DBQs above.

Monday, October 16th

TARGET:  To explore the various beliefs of Protestantism

Today with the TOC you learned about Luther’s struggles and the beliefs of Calvinism.  For homework you need to complete the thesis exercise which you can download here:  Causes of the PR Thesis Exercise(you will also need the 3 primary documents from your notes which you can download here: Luther and Competitive Protestantism

Your TOC used the following ppt to explain Calvinism:  Calvinism


Tuesday, October 10th

TARGET:  To explore the English Reformation

Today we had some great speed dates!  See pics below.  I’m glad you all felt you found “the one” (who shared your beliefs and religion…even if they were family ;P

For homework, please view the Crash Course video below.  I’ll see you on Monday



























Tuesday, October 10th

TARGET:  To explore the English Reformation

Today we had 95 problems – but the pope ain’t one (oh ya!  Check it out below).  Then we talked about the Tudor dynasty and how the flip between Catholicism to Protestantism and back and forth lead to instability in Europe.  You can download the notes here:  English Reformation GN – remember to use the presentation which you can find here: 2.5 – The English Reformation   (remember to check out the fun video on all of Henry VIII’s wives (and their demise) below.

Then you were introduced to our assignment for Thursday – the Tudor Speed Dating Extravaganza!  You can download the assignment sheet here:  Tudor Speed Dating Extravaganza  People that were away:

Maddie – you will be Elizabeth I – you need this document:  Elizabeth I — BBC History — August 2011

Sophie – you will be Thomas Cromwell – you need this document:  Thomas Cromwell

Charlie – you will be Henry VIII – you need this document:  Henry VIII — BBC History — August 2011    

Thursday, October 5th

TARGET:  To explore the causes of the Reformation

We dived into a new unit today looking at the Reformation.  We discussed the general malaise with the Catholic Church and how some like Jan Hus and Martin Luther voiced their issues with the church.  You can download the presentation here:  Causes of the Reformation and the guided notes here:  Causes of Reformation GN and Analysis We then did a group exercise examining some of the complaints Luther had against the Catholic Church through his 95 Theses – you can view all 95 here:  95 Theses – please also check out the clips below:

For homework – please read pg 392-404 and complete the Reformation Reading Check In – this will be due on TUESDAY.  Have a great long weekend!

Tuesday, October 3rd

TARGET:  To demonstrate learning outcomes of Renaissance/Exploration unit

You wrote a test today – yay you!  For homework – please pre-read pg 392-400 (up to “The Radical Reformation and the German Peasant’s War”) examining the beginning of the Reformation.  See you Thursday!

Friday, Sept 29th

TARGET:  To practice our paragraph writing skills and review learning outcomes from the Renaissance/Exploration unit

We discussed what makes a good paragraph in AP Euro and peer-edited our paragraphs using the SAQ rubric today.


Then we played Jeopardy as a way to prepare for our Renaissance/Exploration unit test on TUESDAY.  You can play Jeopardy again here as practice:  Renaissance Review Jeopardy

We also watched a John Green crash course as a little refresher (you can view it below alongside one examining the exploration/growth of the Spanish empire), and I handed out a study sheet for the test which you can download here:  Study Guide Renaissance and Exploration

Tuesday, Sept 26th

TARGET:  To explore social history of the Renaissance

Today we were in the Learning Commons completing the webquest below.  This will be due on FRIDAY along with your paragraph.  A reminder that you are on spare/with Ms. Selzer on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Renaissance Webquest:

Women of the Renaissance Webquest

Monday, Sept 25th

TARGET:  To examine the motives for European exploration:  God, Gold and Glory!

Today we looked at how and why the Europeans (especially Spain and Portugal) began a campaign of overseas exploration in the pursuit of the 3 Gs (see target above).  We talked about the ‘superstars’ of exploration and the negative impact of this exploration on indigenous peoples.  (Including the misrepresentation of ‘heroic’ Christopher Columbus – see video below).  We also did a physical demonstration of the Columbian Exchange (check out John Green’s great video below).  You can download the presentation here:  The Age of Exploration  and the guided notes here:  Age of Exploration GN

For homework:  Please complete the paragraph prompt found at the end of Exploration notes as well as the ‘check in’ vocabulary.  This is due FRIDAY.

Wednesday, Sept 20th

TARGET:  To explore the Northern Renaissance

Today we discussed how the Northern Renaissance differed from the Italian Renaissance (hint: much greater conservatism and focus on Christianity).  We delved into the works of Erasmus and More which you can view here:  Erasmus and More Readings

We also investigated the differences between Northern Renaissance Art and Italian Renaissance Art.  And we looked at the War of the Roses and the Spanish Inquisition in Spain (not a great time for Jews and Muslims).  I’ll discuss this more on Monday and please check out the clips below.  You can download the guided notes here: Northern Renaissance GN and the powerpoint here:

Remember that your ART ANALYSIS IS DUE MONDAY.  Be sure your piece of art is Renaissance and was created between 1460ish to 1570ish.

Also remember that next week you are with me on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday and Thursday you are with Ms. Selzer or on a spare.

Monday, Sept 18th

TARGET:  To compare and contrast Renaissance and Medieval art

Today we did a close examination of Renaissance and Medieval art – looking at how humanism, individualism and secularism played a large role in the Renaissance’s artistic expression.  You can download the guided notes and your assignment here:  Medieval vs Ren Art GN and Analysis

The Analysis will not be due until MONDAY.  I will talk about it a bit more on Wednesday.  In the meantime, see below for some great overview videos about Renaissance art (including a very fun nun!)

Thursday, Sept 14th

TARGET:  To examine the -isms of the Renaissance (in particular Humanism)

Today we were introduced to the -isms of the Renaissance focusing on: humanism, individualism and secularism.  We took notes which you can find here:  Renaissance Ism GN using this powerpoint:  Humanism and the Italian Renaissance

We also analyzed the work of Petrarch (the ‘father’ of humanism) in his work, Letter to Cicero which you can view here:  Petrarch_Letter to Cicero

No homework!  See you on Monday 🙂

Tuesday, Sept 12th

TARGET:  To examine the power of city-states in Renaissance Italy

We began today by reading excerpts of Machiavelli’s famous work “The Prince” and discussed his thoughts around power and influence.  You can download the excerpts here:  Prince KEY

Then you were in groups of travelling merchants checking out the great city states, trying to decide on where you should conduct your trade.  You filled out graphic organizers which you can download here:  Italian City States Jigsaw using the “tourism” cards of the Italian States we examined – available here:  City State Profiles

For homework – please finish the readings/questions on this page:  Renaissance City States Questions

PS — looks like most of us will be doing business in Venice!


Friday, Sept 8th

TARGET:  To explore Europe in the late Middle Ages and be introduced to how to analyze primary documents (APPARTS)

Today we finished the Middle Ages (see notes and powerpoint below).  Then we worked on using APPARTS (see below) to analyze primary documents and make inferences about what they


might mean.  We focused on documents related to the Plague of the Middle Ages in Europe and you worked in groups to analyze THREE of the documents.  If you were not here, please do TWO on your own.  You can download the hand out here:  Plague APPARTS DBQ

You also received your textbook (yay!). For homework – please read pg 338-343 and answer the following prompt in a well-formed paragraph:  “Discuss the reasons why the church came under increasing criticism during the Late Middle Ages”.  This will be due on TUESDAY when I see you next.

Wednesday, Sept 6th

TARGET:  To explore Europe in the late Middle Ages

Today you were introduced to the course (see below for course outline – don’t forget to have it signed).  Then we dove into the Middle Ages.  We discussed the Middle Ages through the perspective of the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.  You can download the powerpoint here:  The Crisis of the Late Middle Ages and the guided notes here:  Middle Ages GN – we only did up to slide 20 “The Hundred Years War” and will continue the rest on Friday.  In the meantime, dream of fleas on rats….



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